What is a Summing Mixer? We Reveal All

Nowadays almost all recording and mixing is done digitally. Working in the box boasts a number of advantages, and we aren’t here to tell you to smash your computer and go back to tape. Let’s face it, audio software is cheap, fast, and versatile, and it isn’t going anywhere soon. That being said, sometimes analog … Read more

Shure SM7B FAQ

Whether you are new to recording or not, you will most likely be familiar with the look and sound of the SM7B. This microphone is widely popular among podcasters and singers alike and is a go-to for anyone looking for top-quality audio no matter what level of experience. Simple to use, and capable of broadcast-quality … Read more

How to Clear Podcast History by Platform

Ever feel like your streaming experience is being bogged down by the amount of content being recommended and re-recommended to you? With reams and reams of years of listening being shown to you each time you log in, you might start to feel like you are stuck in a bottomless pit of content. If so, … Read more

Can Two Podcasts have the Same Name?

Arguably one of the most important features of your podcast (other than the recordings) is the name. Along with your logo, this is the first impression listeners will have with your show, and in a world of reading books by their covers, it is critical that you’re leaving a good impression from the get-go. Today … Read more

Why Does Everyone have a Podcast?! We Explain

Podcasting is big business, and whether you are an avid listener, or have little to no interest in the topic, chances are you will be well aware of the format in some capacity. With major streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music increasingly pushing the format – as well as many popular public figures … Read more

Rode PodMic Q&A: Your Questions Answered

Buying recording equipment for the first time can be a daunting prospect. With a strict budget and such a wide range of products on the market, you can easily get lost in the options, and while spec sheets can be useful, they leave some of your broader questions unanswered. Sound like a familiar story? We’ve … Read more

Cubase vs Pro Tools – Which is Best in 2021?

In the past, audio recording was a practice limited to only a select few lucky enough to have the money and technical knowledge to operate expensive desks, and tape machines. However, developments in the digitization of recording technology, and the widespread availability of personal computers have made the practice readily available to hobbyists and casual … Read more