9 Microphones that Don’t need Phantom Power

If you are looking to produce a high-quality podcast with a microphone that doesn’t require any external power to operate, then one way or another you will find yourself in the market for a dynamic microphone. Dynamic microphones are a great choice for podcasters at any stage in their career, looking to bring their production … Read more

9 Successful Solo Podcasts with Only One Person Speaking

To host a podcast takes skill. Thinking about pacing, tone of voice, and articulation while still delivering content to listeners in an engaging way is a practice that takes time and effort to perfect. While interview format podcasts allow for interaction akin to a conversation, solo podcasts with only one person speaking can feel unnatural … Read more

7 Podcasts with Good Voices for Inspiration

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What is the Best Audio Interface for the Rode Procaster?

The Rode Procaster has quickly become one of the leading products in terms of dynamic podcasting microphones. A direct competitor to the long-held benchmark in podcasting microphones – the Shure SM7B, the Procaster is another example of how low-sensitivity dynamic microphones can produce some of the highest quality audio available right now. Dynamic podcasting microphones … Read more

How to Use a Microphone without an Audio Interface

When it comes to podcasting, everything starts with the microphone. Arguably the most important tool in any podcast setup, without a microphone, you are going to have trouble recording any audio.  With this in mind, it should go without saying that you should invest in a microphone first and worry about the rest later, right? … Read more

How to Cut & Move Audio in Audacity

No matter how good your gear is, a podcast is only as good as its editor. While a good microphone or interface is important, you can never account for human error. If one thing is certain in any recording, it is that there are bound to be errors. That’s what gives a podcast its appeal; … Read more