How Much Acoustic Treatment Is Too Much?

You may be under the impression that the more acoustic treatment, the better. Some recording studios spend thousands to have every surface covered with acoustic treatment. But is heavily investing in acoustic treatment such as foam, bass traps, and other methods the best way to get your podcasting studio sounding its best? Read on to … Read more

How to Test Microphone Frequency Response

What is Frequency Response? Frequency response can be defined as the sensitivity of a microphone over a range of frequencies. A frequency response curve is often generated by microphone manufactures to allow customers to visualize a microphone’s ability to capture signals at different frequencies. Some brands will publish the frequency response of a microphone to … Read more

How to Check the Noise Floor in Audacity

What is Noise Floor? The Noise Floor is the continuous background noise in your audio recording. Within the frequency spectrum, noise can be broadband or narrowband. Broadband noise can be described as a “hiss” noise and takes up a large range of the frequency spectrum. Narrowband noise can be described as a hum or whine … Read more