What is the Best Preamp for the Shure SM7B? We Investigate

Shure’s SM7B microphone is a staple within the podcast community. Derived almost exactly from its predecessor, the SM7 – used by Quincy on Michael Jackson’s Thriller! – the SM7B hosts modern electromagnetic innards that provide pristine, professional-grade captures for today’s audio enthusiasts.   Initially designed as a broadcast microphone, the SM7B also provides integrated, interchangeable wind-shielding. … Read more

The Complete Shure SM58 Podcast Setup Guide

Whether familiar with microphones or not, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Shure’s SM58 out and about. Since production began in the late sixties, the SM58 has become an exalted piece of tech among industry professionals. This mic’s versatility has seen it applied to live performance, studio recording, Foley capture, and field recording. The set-up … Read more