Is the Shure SM7B Worth It? Is it Better than the MV7?

The SM7B has long been a favourite in the broadcasting and audio recording world, highly revered by professional audiophiles and amateur audio enthusiasts alike ever since it was released by Shure in the early 70s. Originally inspired by the bulkier SM5 microphone, the SM7B was specifically engineered and altered over the years to suit a … Read more

Do I Need a Pair of Studio Monitors?

So, you’ve started to invest in your podcasting setup. You’ve got your computer, audio editing software of choice, a microphone, and your content but there’s still one thing missing that you see in almost every single home or professional studio…monitor speakers. There’s a reason why these pieces of equipment can be considered a necessity for … Read more

How to Podcast with the Shure SM57

The Shure SM57 is undoubtedly one of the most popular and widely used microphones in the recording world, suitable for almost any application, including the focus of our discussion today; podcasting. Being one of Shure’s flagship dynamic microphones and famed for its durability, the SM57 is a versatile mic, whether that is within the studio … Read more