Shotgun Mics for Podcasting – Our Picks and How to Use Them

Think of a classic podcasting mic and the first image you see is likely to be something like a Shure SM7B or a Heil PR40. Large-diaphragm condenser and dynamic mics like this are known for their lush low-frequency response with a smoothness that can make the recorded voice sound amazing. The reality is though that … Read more

Best Dynamic Microphone Under $100 – Our Top Budget Picks

Budget Dynamic Microphone

We’re huge fans of dynamic microphones for podcasting. They allow you to achieve good audio in less than ideal locations and let’s face it, the majority of podcasts are produced from people’s homes in rooms that aren’t acoustically treated. A dynamic mic in this environment is a real advantage due to their low sensitivity meaning … Read more

Can you Make a Podcast Alone? 7 Solo Podcasting Tips

The great thing about the podcast medium is that different types of formats can work. If you’re a creative person, a podcast, although not visual can still allow you to express yourself and put your stamp on the production. Although many podcasts follow the same format with one or two hosts featuring guest interviews, it … Read more

What to Include on a Podcast Website

You should treat your podcast like a brand. The more episodes you produce, the guests you attract, and downloads you receive all help towards building that brand. Imagine a brand though without a website, when would that ever make sense? In the digital era we live in, it wouldn’t – ever. With that in mind, … Read more

Our Podcast Production Checklist Revealed

When you produce your own podcast there’s a lot to think about. Over time, as you use the same setup more and more you’ll start to form habits that will make the process quick and easy. However, getting to that point takes time and the reality is that you’ll encounter different situations and problems to … Read more

Best Microphone for an Untreated, Echoey Room

As ideal as it would be to have a dedicated podcasting studio, the reality is that many of us record from home or on location where sound treatment is distinctly lacking. A room that contains bare walls or other large reflective surfaces can reap havoc on your sound quality. It is possible though to stack … Read more

How to Connect Multiple Microphones to One Input

Unless you’re a solo podcaster, you’ll need to record with more than one microphone. The additional microphones could be for your guest(s), a co-host, or people involved in a panel discussion. There are different ways to connect all this, but the aim should always be to achieve the best quality audio and where possible to … Read more

The Best Quiet Places to Record a Podcast: Our Guide

If you’re like me, you live in a busy house and finding a quiet place to record your podcast isn’t straightforward. Kids, dogs, neighbors, washing machines and all manner of other noisy things can ruin your production. In this guide I’ll share some things to think about when trying to find those quieter areas and … Read more