Best Preamps for the Shure SM57 – Our Roundup

Although intended as an instrument mic, Shure’s SM57 makes for an excellent low cost dynamic podcasting microphone. In some circles, it’s even regarded as a viable Shure SM7B alternative. Dynamic microphones such as this though do require more gain than a typical condenser mic but with gain can come noise and with noise comes more … Read more

Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones? We Explain All

Most images you see of a podcast setup will involve at least one person wearing a set of headphones. This is actually a crucial part of achieving good audio in the final production but why, what advantages do headphones offer? It turns out there are multiple reasons why it’s necessary, read on to learn more. … Read more

USB Mic vs XLR – The Differences Explained

There are some great microphones available for podcast production, some of which are USB and some XLR. What are the main differences though and which one should you choose? In this article, we explore those differences to help you decide. Let us start with the most obvious difference. A USB microphone plugs directly into the … Read more