Best Microphone for an Untreated, Echoey Room

As ideal as it would be to have a dedicated podcasting studio, the reality is that many of us record from home or on location where sound treatment is distinctly lacking. A room that contains bare walls or other large reflective surfaces can reap havoc on your sound quality. It is possible though to stack … Read more

Zoom H2N and Why it Should be a Staple Podcast Accessory

If there’s one thing I love, it’s versatile equipment. Different pieces of kit get bought and sold but the ones which tend to stay in my gear bag for an extended period of time are those that either 1) perform brilliantly at their primary job or 2) allow me to use them in different ways … Read more

Can You Use a Condenser Mic Without Phantom Power?

Even the technophobes out there won’t be able to deny that buying your first mic is a really fun milestone for any podcaster. Because who doesn’t love a fancy looking mic? It’s one of the first things you’ll need to invest in, so it’s likely to be your first major decision as a podcast producer. … Read more

Portable Podcast Equipment – Gear for Recording on Location

The biggest names in podcasting may have the luxury of flying guests into their studios for an afternoon of recording, with an audio engineer and producer on hand to ensure that things run smoothly. The rest of us will interview guests either remotely using something like Skype or we will be the ones doing the … Read more

Condenser vs Dynamic Mic for Podcasting: Head to Head

Choosing a microphone to produce your podcast is in my opinion one of the most exciting points of the whole podcasting journey. OK, I am a bit of a tech nerd and do love my audio gear but even if you don’t get as excited as I do about these things, it’s still a big … Read more

Cloudlifter Alternatives – Our Gain Booster Roundup

Following its release back in 2010, the Cloudlifter has become one of the leading mic activators for boosting low sensitivity dynamic or ribbon microphones. By using the phantom power voltage of an audio interface or mixer, the Cloudlifter provides +25db of clean gain which boosts the level of classic podcasting microphones such as the Shure … Read more

Best Preamps for the Shure SM57 – Our Roundup

Although intended as an instrument mic, Shure’s SM57 makes for an excellent low cost dynamic podcasting microphone. In some circles, it’s even regarded as a viable Shure SM7B alternative. Dynamic microphones such as this though do require more gain than a typical condenser mic but with gain can come noise and with noise comes more … Read more

Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones? We Explain All

Most images you see of a podcast setup will involve at least one person wearing a set of headphones. This is actually a crucial part of achieving good audio in the final production but why, what advantages do headphones offer? It turns out there are multiple reasons why it’s necessary, read on to learn more. … Read more

USB Mic vs XLR – The Differences Explained

There are some great microphones available for podcast production, some of which are USB and some XLR. What are the main differences though and which one should you choose? In this article, we explore those differences to help you decide. Let us start with the most obvious difference. A USB microphone plugs directly into the … Read more