How to Clear Podcast History by Platform

Ever feel like your streaming experience is being bogged down by the amount of content being recommended and re-recommended to you? With reams and reams of years of listening being shown to you each time you log in, you might start to feel like you are stuck in a bottomless pit of content. If so, … Read more

How to Use a Microphone without an Audio Interface

When it comes to podcasting, everything starts with the microphone. Arguably the most important tool in any podcast setup, without a microphone, you are going to have trouble recording any audio.  With this in mind, it should go without saying that you should invest in a microphone first and worry about the rest later, right? … Read more

How to Cut & Move Audio in Audacity

No matter how good your gear is, a podcast is only as good as its editor. While a good microphone or interface is important, you can never account for human error. If one thing is certain in any recording, it is that there are bound to be errors. That’s what gives a podcast its appeal; … Read more

How do I Make my Podcast Sound Natural? 7 Top Tips

In the last 5 years, podcasting has become more and more popular. Actors have them, musicians have them, sports personalities have them, your friends have them. Although this can be intimidating, it doesn’t mean your great idea isn’t deserving of one too. Just because there are lots of podcasts, it doesn’t mean there are lots … Read more

How to Podcast from Two Locations

Remote podcasting is becoming increasingly common and can be a great way to overcome certain obstacles faced as a podcaster in today’s world. With the increase of podcasting as a medium for interviewing and the collaboration of similar (and not so similar) minds, for recording interviews in particular this is a must-have technique for podcasters … Read more