How to Podcast with the Shure SM57

The Shure SM57 is undoubtedly one of the most popular and widely used microphones in the recording world, suitable for almost any application, including the focus of our discussion today; podcasting. Being one of Shure’s flagship dynamic microphones and famed for its durability, the SM57 is a versatile mic, whether that is within the studio … Read more

How to Test Microphone Frequency Response

What is Frequency Response? Frequency response can be defined as the sensitivity of a microphone over a range of frequencies. A frequency response curve is often generated by microphone manufactures to allow customers to visualize a microphone’s ability to capture signals at different frequencies. Some brands will publish the frequency response of a microphone to … Read more

Our Podcast Production Checklist Revealed

When you produce your own podcast there’s a lot to think about. Over time, as you use the same setup more and more you’ll start to form habits that will make the process quick and easy. However, getting to that point takes time and the reality is that you’ll encounter different situations and problems to … Read more

How to Connect Multiple Microphones to One Input

Unless you’re a solo podcaster, you’ll need to record with more than one microphone. The additional microphones could be for your guest(s), a co-host, or people involved in a panel discussion. There are different ways to connect all this, but the aim should always be to achieve the best quality audio and where possible to … Read more

The Best Quiet Places to Record a Podcast: Our Guide

If you’re like me, you live in a busy house and finding a quiet place to record your podcast isn’t straightforward. Kids, dogs, neighbors, washing machines and all manner of other noisy things can ruin your production. In this guide I’ll share some things to think about when trying to find those quieter areas and … Read more

How to Record a Podcast Without a Microphone

Search for ‘podcast’ on Amazon and you’ll be presented with a myriad of products. Microphones, mixers, headphones, the list goes on. What if you’re just at the stage of wanting to try out podcasting without investing a lot of money on equipment though, is it possible to do without even a microphone? In this article, … Read more

How to Build a Three Person Podcast Setup

A podcast which includes two people, whether a host and a guest or just two hosts is very straightforward to produce with endless setup options. Add a third person into the mix though and more thought is needed. In this article, we’ll explore the different options available for both in person recording where all three … Read more