Cubase vs Pro Tools – Which is Best in 2021?

In the past, audio recording was a practice limited to only a select few lucky enough to have the money and technical knowledge to operate expensive desks, and tape machines. However, developments in the digitization of recording technology, and the widespread availability of personal computers have made the practice readily available to hobbyists and casual … Read more

How to Record a Phone Call on Garageband

When it comes to podcasting with guests, one of the biggest hurdles you will face is arranging a time to meet and record. This can prove particularly troublesome with clashing schedules, long distances to travel, and anything else life throws in the way. Fortunately, as technology advances, it has become easier than ever to record … Read more

How to Record a Podcast Interview in Garageband

There’s a reason no longer turn their nose up at Garageband, and that’s because for simple projects, it’s the perfect program. What is essentially a differently named ‘lite’ version of Apple’s flagship DAW Logic Pro, Garageband serves as the perfect program to record simple projects, whether recording your podcast on the fly or demoing your … Read more

How to Check the Noise Floor in Audacity

What is Noise Floor? The Noise Floor is the continuous background noise in your audio recording. Within the frequency spectrum, noise can be broadband or narrowband. Broadband noise can be described as a “hiss” noise and takes up a large range of the frequency spectrum. Narrowband noise can be described as a hum or whine … Read more