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Without making some smart choices about the equipment you use to produce your podcast, you’ll spend more time setting up, fixing issues and replacing expensive mistakes. Our no-nonsense gear guides will help you to buy the right equipment, first time.

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From editing techniques to recording on location, our how-to section is there to give step-by-step instructions so that the podcast production process is seamless and stress free.

Software & Tools

There are so many options out there that it can leave your head spinning. We cover the essentials, the ‘nice to haves’ and give our views on picking the best tool for the job at hand whether that be production or engaging with your audience.


There’s nothing worse than putting everything you have into producing a great sounding podcast with great guests and amazing content for then nobody to find it. We share our top strategies for growing your audience over the long term.


The more you know about how sound works, the better you’ll be able to work with it to increase the production value of your podcast. Our audio production and theory category is for those who love the detail.


If you're pressed for time, visit our resources section to see our top picks in gear and software.


Let’s set the scene. You’ve spent the last few weeks researching and ordering the equipment you need to start up the podcast you’ve been planning for months – boxes on boxes of headphones, interfaces, boom arms, and microphones lay waiting …

Whether you are investing in some gear to start out or looking for an upgrade to bring your production value to the next level, there will come a time in every podcasters career when a new microphone is necessary. With …

There are tons of reasons you might find yourself wanting to take your gear outside the studio. Whether you’re a journalist recording an interview, a travel vlogger exploring undiscovered places, a producer looking for interesting soundscapes and ambient noise or …

Podcasts are hugely popular among scientists, comedians, celebrities, experts, and even regular people just looking to share their insights with an audience. With over 1,500,000 active podcasts as of October 2020, an increase from 850,000 in January 2020, on thousands …

The Rode Procaster has quickly become one of the leading products in terms of dynamic podcasting microphones. A direct competitor to the long-held benchmark in podcasting microphones – the Shure SM7B, the Procaster is another example of how low-sensitivity dynamic …

When it comes to podcasting, everything starts with the microphone. Arguably the most important tool in any podcast setup, without a microphone, you are going to have trouble recording any audio.  With this in mind, it should go without saying …